HRMS SBI Mobile App:- State Bank of India has launched a mobile banking application known as “No Queue Mobile App”.  It is developed to provide a professional environment which will give the benefit of accessing all the Queue related issues sitting at your home only. There is no need to go in the branch and to stand in a long queue. It will save you time and you can download this application from the Google Play Store. SBI HRMS Mobile App related information is present in this article with the official links.
HRMS SBI Mobile App

State Bank of India – Human Resource Management System popularly abbreviated as SBI HRMS is among the leading Banking Organization of India. It is a govt. the agency which deals totally in Banking Transactions, Capital Funds, Human Resources etc. The administration in SBI has seen people wasting their times in queue for any query so they decide to develop a service that is both easy to access and reduce the Queue part of the people. So they have designed the SBI Mobile App. There are many benefits to this application which is mentioned below.

HRMS SBI Mobile App Key Features:-

Name of the OrganizationState Bank of India (SBI)
Name of the ServiceHuman Resource Management System (HRMS)
Popularly known asSBI HRMS
Name of the ServiceNo Queue Mobile App
Launch StatusAvailable Now on Google Play Store

About No Queue Mobile App:-

The main aim to design this application is removing the Queue Tradition in the banks associated with State Bank of India or SBI itself.  Queue in the banks as well as at any place disturbs the entire functioning of the place as well as waste huge time. So to remove this problem the SBI Developers has developed an application through which SBI Users and those who are not SBI service holders and are common people can generate a Virtual Ticket or we can say an e-Ticket in the place of standing in a Queue. This will help in reducing the wastage of timing and also the functioning of the place. A user using the SBI HRMS No Queue Applications has to generate an e-Ticket for the service or product he/she wants. But the user is not still aware of e-Tickets or Virtual Tickets. So here in the below context, you can check the meaning of Virtual Ticket.

HRMS SBI Mobile App Virtual Ticket Meaning:-

The users who are new to SBI Mobile App should check the Meaning of Virtual Ticket from here. A Virtual Ticket or e-Ticket is a like an online ticket generated through online mode from Smartphone with Android Versions. It is an online ticket for your desired service in which users need not wait in a large queue. The no of people operating the HRMS SBI Mobile App comes fast in place of people standing in the queue as Tickets can be generated any time and priority are given according to the generation of tickets.

How to Install HRMS SBI Mobile App “No Queue Mobile App”?

The State Bank or Non-state bank users both can use this application for free. There are few requirements of this application after which users can download or Install SBI No Queue Mobile App easily. Read out the whole requirements carefully and then check the steps to download it from Google Play Store.

Requirements for SBI HRMS Installation:-
01. A smartphone with Android OS (4.1 and above version of OS).
02. Internet Connectivity such as GPRS / EDGE / 4G / 3G/ Wi-Fi.
03. Location Tracker/ GPS to catch nearest branch location.

SBI HRMS IRJ Portal Login

Simple Steps to download HRMS SBI Mobile App:-
1. Login into the Google Play Store.
2. In the search option type “No Queue Mobile App”.
3. It will show the link. Click on the link and press the “Install” button.
4. Then it will be downloaded on your smartphone.

How to Raise a Virtual Ticket or e-Ticket from SBI Mobile App?
a. Download the application from Google Play Store as stated above.
b. Then start doing Registration or Sign Up on it.
c. Provide all the information like Your Name, Contact No, Account No if asked, Branch Name etc.
d. Submit all the details then it will verify your details through OTP or Email ID verification.
e. Verify the details and No. Queue Mobile App service will be activated on your no.
f. After activation, People can opt 01 to 05 services under 01 Virtual Ticket.
g. You will be able to get the details for no. of people waiting ahead in the queue.
h. You can re-schedule or renew your time if you are not able to reach at the concerned branch on time.
i. when your position in the queue arises and your no. is about to call then you have to activate your ticket to grab that position.
j. You can change your selected service also.

Special Note:- After raising a virtual ticket or e-token you have to activate it otherwise it will expire after 01 hours. It happens, your no. is about to call and you are not able to reach that branch then your ticket will be denoted as missing and the same ticket will be deactivated. Then you need to raise a fresh e-Ticket. Below is the contact information for the users who face some technical issues during or any time working at the application :

Contact (Technical Support) :- +91 9833575450 / +91 7045453713

Official Links:-

HRMS SBI Mobile App “No Queue Mobile App” to generate your Virtual or e-Ticket to avoid standing in the queue to avail any service.